eco2 plastics

A Better Process A Better Product A Better Investment

Better Investing — Investing in Better Ways.


Our patented process operates with all the efficiencies available to most modern recycling plants but without the significant costs involved in water-based plastic recycling. By eliminating the costs of purchasing water, chemicals that go into the water, and disposal of the water, ECO2 delivers higher profit margins than the competition. Less money on the front end means more money on the back end, and that's the most sensible kind of investment.


With nine patents issued and more pending, we're changing the way plastics are recycled worldwide. Our innovation has led to the commercialization of a disruptive technology, which is offering the plastics recycling industry advancements both economically and environmentally. Our passion for innovation has been recognized by other forward-thinking companies that are now partnering with us to change the way the world recycles plastics.


ECO2 has raised over $40 million in investment to date and the technology was endorsed by the State of California with a $2 million low interest loan. Our management team has more than a century of industry experience. As our first plant nears full-scale production, our optimization path is leading to further enhancements with next generation technology. Our five-year plan includes multiple plants in the US, and we've got an eye toward international expansion.