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2009 Best of What's New - 100 Best Innovations of the Year

Popular Science, 11/12/2009

"ECO2 Plastics waterless cleaning process was recognized by Popular Science magazine as one of the Top 100 innovations of the year, winning the coveted "Best of What's New" award in the Green Tech category."

ECO2 Plastics - Cheaper Recycling, No Water Wasted

Popular Science, 11/12/2009

“Recycling's dirty little secret: Processing plants use up to 100,000 gallons of water a day, mostly to wash...”

California Company Finds New Way To Recycle Plastic Bottles

and KGO-TV/DT, Wayne Freedman, 4/23/2007

"Despite the worry that global warming has generated, we've already thrown some 40 billion plastic bottles into landfills this year. Why so many? For starters, they are expensive to recycle, and don't yield much of a profit. But a small company in the Central Valley is trying to change that."

Recycled Plastic to get Clean Bill of Health

New Scientist, Michael Reilly, 5/09/2007

“A new generation of plastics recycling plants promises to change all that. The plants will use technologies that reduce or even eliminate the need for water and produce plastics clean enough for food packaging, at a lower cost than existing techniques. If successful, such plants could significantly increase the number of plastic bottles that are recycled in the US and Europe each year.”

USCAR's VRP Contracts with ECO2 Plastics to Explore 'Rinse and Recycle' Applications

USCAR Press Release, 6/25/2007

“As part of its work, the VRP recently contracted with ECO2 Plastics Inc. (ECOO.OB), of San Francisco, to evaluate its proprietary polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic recycling technology. The ECO2 technology removes substances of concern from plastics recovered from “shredder residue” - the material left when end-of-life vehicles (ELV), household appliances and other large items are "shredded" by a large, grinding hammer-mill, or shredder, as part of their recycling process.”