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ECO2's proprietary process is licensed from Honeywell FM&T ("Honeywell") and the Department of Energy ("DOE") on an exclusive, worldwide basis for the life of the Patent. Over the past five years, ECO2 has invested extensively in the development of the technology and processing equipment comprising the ECO2 Environmental System, which includes being named as co-inventors with Honeywell on the Patent issued to Honeywell in August 2007.

The United States Council for Automotive Research's (USCAR) Vehicle Recycling Partnership (VRP), composed of researchers from DaimlerChrysler, Ford and General Motors, has contracted with ECO2 to evaluate its proprietary PET recycling technology. The VRP is striving to remove substances of concern from plastics recovered from "shredder residue" - the material left when end-of-life vehicles, household appliances and other large items are recycled.
USCAR's VRP Contracts with ECO2 Plastics to Explore 'Rinse and Recycle' Applications