eco2 plastics

A Better Process A Better Product A Better Investment

Recycling is Good — We Make it Better.

No water.

At ECO2, we think using water to recycle plastic beverage containers makes no sense. When our process is the standard, billions of gallons of water will be saved each year. More water for drinking - not cleaning.

No waste.

We don’t dump anything down the drain - water or chemicals. Our process is FDA-approved, using a biodegradable solvent and liquid carbon dioxide in a closed-loop system that cleans and reuses the cleaning agents again and again.
We reuse when we recycle.

No added costs.

No water and no waste equals no added costs. Our process lets us produce the highest quality product with the least possible cost - financial or environmental.

No limits.

Our technology isn't confined to PET recycling. We're developing processes that will allow us to reclaim HDPE, polypropylene, and other plastics as well.

No logical reason to recycle any other way.

We call it eco.logical.recycling.