eco2 plastics

A Better Process A Better Product A Better Investment

Same Product — Made Better.

PET plastic flakes are a commodity product, processed and delivered to industry for use in hundreds of applications. Our product is virtually identical to traditionally recycled plastic, but produced in a more efficient and earth-friendly way.

Quality Assurance.

Our recycled plastic is of the highest quality. It is odor-free and contaminant-free to 100 parts per million. Every 1,000 pounds is tested for intrinsic viscosity, melt flow, density, moisture content and PVC content. You’re guaranteed a perfect product.

Supply Chain Stability.

Our process enables us to provide high-quality plastic flake at the lowest cost of production. In a commodity business, we are positioned as a company with staying power.

The Right Choice.

Your chemists won't find any difference between our flake and those from other companies, but your customers will — they want to buy green. With ECO2, you can give them an earth-friendly product at no extra cost to you.

We’re constantly refining our process to produce better and better recycled plastic. To learn more about our product and the results of our most recent quality tests, please contact our .